“First Time for Everything” – New fanfic!



First Time for Everything, a YOI Victor/Yuri fanfic. Explicit, M/M

Yuri doesn’t want to turn twenty-five with his virginity intact. Not being one for relationships, platonic or otherwise, he decides to hire someone to remove the worrisome burden for him. Will going to a stranger for such a once in a lifetime experience be a mistake or a chance for something more?


“Use Me” – YOI Noir Fan Fic Update


Check out my new fic, “Use Me,” featuring an alternate reality with a noir spin. Be warned that it is rated explicit/triggering, M/M – Victor/Yuri.


Detective Victor Nikiforov finds he may have feelings for someone he should not—a prostitute at a local brothel. Will the man’s empathy be a hindrance or asset as he contemplates and deals with the consequences of his actions?

Welcome to My Fujoshi Life

Yaoi has kind of taken over my life…

Ya, it happens. So, I’ve decided to put a blog together about it. Just some random stuff about my obsessions will be coming soon!

Currently, I’m bleeding profusely from the nose due to Yuri!!! on Ice. I get obsessed quickly, but this anime…damn. It was within two minutes in! Go Victuri!!!