“First Time for Everything” – New fanfic!



First Time for Everything, a YOI Victor/Yuri fanfic. Explicit, M/M

Yuri doesn’t want to turn twenty-five with his virginity intact. Not being one for relationships, platonic or otherwise, he decides to hire someone to remove the worrisome burden for him. Will going to a stranger for such a once in a lifetime experience be a mistake or a chance for something more?


“Use Me” – YOI Noir Fan Fic Update


Check out my new fic, “Use Me,” featuring an alternate reality with a noir spin. Be warned that it is rated explicit/triggering, M/M – Victor/Yuri.


Detective Victor Nikiforov finds he may have feelings for someone he should not—a prostitute at a local brothel. Will the man’s empathy be a hindrance or asset as he contemplates and deals with the consequences of his actions?