BISHIEBOX Limited Edition February 2017 Box Review!!! (Click here to go straight to the pictures on facebook)

As it says above, I pre-ordered the Limited Edition February 2017 box. Since this was a Limited Edition box, I was able to choose two categories that could be included, so I chose Yuri on Ice and Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) with R-18 items marked as okay to send. The cost was $85 USD. I was not one of the first 50 purchasers, so I was unable to get the novelty item included free.  Give me more →


Why does it matter if we were inspired by anime?

Sad Anime Character

Sometimes you see something that lights a spark inside you. You see something that makes you want to do more and be better. You start to feel good again and want to pursue new avenues that you’ve never thought of before. Others can be encouraging and glad that you have a new hobby– that is until you tell them you want to do it because of an anime. Give me more →