Why does it matter if we were inspired by anime?

Sad Anime Character

Sometimes you see something that lights a spark inside you. You see something that makes you want to do more and be better. You start to feel good again and want to pursue new avenues that you’ve never thought of before. Others can be encouraging and glad that you have a new hobby– that is until you tell them you want to do it because of an anime. Give me more →


Cutest Katsudon ever!

You know those times as a Fujoshi when you know you shouldn’t buy yet another BL manga or that third (or tenth) yaoi/anime related knick-knack, but your fangirl tendencies get the best of you and you buy it anyway?

Ya– that was me just a minute ago! Damn those fujoshi vibes! Give me more →

Welcome to My Fujoshi Life

Yaoi has kind of taken over my life…

Ya, it happens. So, I’ve decided to put a blog together about it. Just some random stuff about my obsessions will be coming soon!

Currently, I’m bleeding profusely from the nose due to Yuri!!! on Ice. I get obsessed quickly, but this anime…damn. It was within two minutes in! Go Victuri!!!