BISHIEBOX Limited Edition February 2017 Box Review!!! (Click here to go straight to the pictures on facebook)

As it says above, I pre-ordered the Limited Edition February 2017 box. Since this was a Limited Edition box, I was able to choose two categories that could be included, so I chose Yuri on Ice and Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) with R-18 items marked as okay to send. The cost was $85 USD. I was not one of the first 50 purchasers, so I was unable to get the novelty item included free. 

I didn’t get a shipment notification, but I was checking my mailbox diligently every day, so that wasn’t an issue. I was so excited to tear into this thing to see what goodies I got that I didn’t mind checking the box each day.

The box was packaged well, and I loved the Yuri!!! on Ice sticker on the front! Very cute! I did get several various items in the box, as seen below in the pictures with descriptions.

I was very glad to see the Yuri on Ice poster, but admit, I was disappointed that I only received one YOI item, and a poster at that. I realize that you are not guaranteed to get certain items, but for the fanfare of YOI that was on the website, I was definitely hoping (expecting) to get a YOI keychain or at least more than one YOI related item. (Especially given the fact that this was supposed to be a limited edition box and the website really hyped up YOI items being in the boxes.)

The Kuroshitsuji doujin is the best thing in the box, in my opinion, with a beautiful cover and artwork inside. (Note that all items are in Japanese fyi.) The Ciel towel was also a nice addition. I have not watched Free!! yet, (I know, I need to!) but the Nanase figure seemed like another good find in the box. I know I would have appreciated it more had I known more about the series. I am not familiar with the Detective Conan series (pictured on the clear file) either, but judging by the image, I may check it out solely on the fact that the character looks hot/interesting. 😉 The other items as you can see are a few cell phone charms and picture cards.

Overall, how would I rate this limited edition box for $85?

I would rate it maybe a 4 out of 10. I know that may seem harsh because there were a lot of items in the box, but it just didn’t meet my expectations for what I spent my hard earned money on. It didn’t feel very “limited edition” to me. My very first impression upon taking everything out was, “Umm, *this* is what I got for $85!” To be brutally honest, I was a little upset. I’ve never spent that much on a blind box before, and I don’t think I will again. I guess I had too high of expectations for not knowing what you are going to get.

It is not feasible for Bishiebox to go through every single box and count how much of a series is in a box. That would take way too long, and no one can expect that. However, I did expect a little more than a handful of cell phone charms/postcards making up the majority of the items for what I spent. I don’t feel the box included $85 worth of value. If someone were to ask me if I think the box was personally worth it for me, I would say no. If the box had cost $35-40 and contained these same pieces…I don’t think I would have been so disappointed.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from getting a box and trying it out. I just want to make that clear. This review is just my own personal view judging on the cost vs. my perceived value. I fully admit that I’m a picky person and maybe getting blind boxes just aren’t for me. I just wanted to share my honest opinion in case there are others like me, that have way too much in their closest from other blind boxes they’ve purchased and done nothing with, and are wondering if this box may or may not be for them. I hope I could be of some help.

I really hope Bishiebox continues doing all the hard work of gathering and packaging these boxes for fans. I do really appreciate that a small company of people got together to give fans around the world a piece of the fun that those living outside of Japan could not get otherwise. I would love to see boxes where you can choose what series you have in them; possibly choose three shows from a list of current popular series so that at least you’d know for sure what show memorabilia you are getting. If a box like that were produced, I would be on that bandwagon in a heartbeat!

Check out pictures of the box I received here!



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