Covertly supporting YOI

I was looking for a way to support my favorite anime, Yuri!!! on Ice, while I go to the ice rink without looking like a total weeb. My initial thought was to get Victor’s light jacket to wear while I skate since I needed a new jacket anyway.

I decided against that when I saw the prices of the jackets– plus, a bright white and red Russian Olympic jacket in the middle of a Midwest US ice skating rink wasn’t very subtle. I was about to give up when I came across a jacket like the beauty below on eBay! 


That’s right– a real, new-with-tags, Mizuno branded Women’s Athletic jacket! The best part was that it was around $17, including shipping! Mizuno jackets usually run about $50+ and that doesn’t include any shipping fees.

Talk about lucky right?

So now my anime loving butt can secretly support YOI and our beloved Katsudon at the rink every week without getting those awkward questioning looks! Yay!


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