Why does it matter if we were inspired by anime?

Sad Anime Character

Sometimes you see something that lights a spark inside you. You see something that makes you want to do more and be better. You start to feel good again and want to pursue new avenues that you’ve never thought of before. Others can be encouraging and glad that you have a new hobby– that is until you tell them you want to do it because of an anime.

Tell me, what the hell is wrong with being inspired by an anime to do something?

If it makes you happy and isn’t a detriment to yourself or others, then who cares. This is a big pet peeve for me. If I get a new hobby or start doing something new, I get that, you’re an idiot, look when other people find out I’m doing it because an anime inspired it.

It seems to be perfectly acceptable to be inspired by famous people, motivating speeches, and movies even, yet anytime you mention “anime” the thing you are doing suddenly means less and isn’t as impressive or isn’t as “good” as it was just a second prior.

I’m venting about all this today since I was involved in this very type of conversation and frankly, I’m pretty annoyed.

I mentioned to someone very close to me that I was getting back into ice skating after a four and a half year hiatus. The sarcastic reply I received was, ‘Oh, you just want to go ice skating again because of Yuri on Ice!’

My immediate reply was, “Yes. And why does that matter? Why does it matter if I want to do it because of Yuri on Ice? If it helps me exercise and get healthier, who cares what inspired me. Why does it matter!?”

I didn’t receive a reply as to why it mattered so much because it was YOI.

The point is, why do people balk at the idea of liking anime and being inspired by it? It is no different than seeing something on TV that looks cool and then you try it. Yet, somehow that is more acceptable.

I say, “Good for you!” if you manage to be inspired by something so much that it makes you start a new hobby that you love, especially if that hobby gets you out and exercising. I hope Yuri on Ice gets more people out there and ice skating. Most of us wouldn’t be hurting if we got more exercise– I know it could do me a world of good.

In short, don’t listen to the haters or the people who think you’re silly because you were inspired by an anime. Go start that hobby or go start that sport that gets you out and moving. You will be the one smiling and proud while the others that doubted you will be looking in awe at the accomplishments you’ve made because you kept going, despite their naysaying.


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